What is EcoSur ?

Who are we and what motivates us ?

EcsoSur is an argentine registered foundation located in the province of Mendoza, in a rural place called Colonia Rusa at 37 kilometers from General Alvear.

The area can only rely in agriculture-based economy, without much resources or technological activity, and is currently being one of the most depopulating zone in Argentina.

However the climate is very dry with late frosting and harsh storms, the soil is fertile, several farmers are even cultivating organically and a strong environmental consciousness is shared by the population.

Our goals

Becoming a self-sustainable multicultural community, a place where human unity can be realized and thrive in harmony with the environment above all ideologies, nationalities and creeds.

Starting a bottom-up initiative by building by and for common people with limited material resources.

Sharing our experiences, expertise and insights back into the local activities and the World to contribute to establishing new paradigms for human life on the planet.

Our way

We will explore modern and ancient technologies to achieve sustainable and affordable housing, organic agriculture, and renewable energies, with the overarching long-term goal of reducing its overall carbon footprint toward a minimum.

We will ensure a horizontal social organization without hierarchies, which will guarantee a decent quality of life to everyone, where every individual enjoys the same rights, collectively determining the forms of leadership that will decide the future of the community.

A land of 130 acres is dedicated to the project and can be enlarged if necessary.

Environmental consciousness

We focus on rising environmental consciousness, specifically in a local scale.

We want to galvanise the local region through different activities, turning a poor region with low resources but strong environmental consciousness into a dynamic stronghold for environmental defence and practices.

Our key values

>> Imagination is more important than knowledge.

>> To committed people led by achieving the common good nothing is impossible.

>> However hard are the issues at stake, let’s make the future even more inspiring.


How do we plan to achieve our goals ?

We have put together several axes on which to work in order to achieve our objectives. We are convinced that applying these items will provoke a switch both in the life conditions on targeted population and in their mindset regarding human relationship and their relation with our environment.

Use of sustainable ressources

We experiment techniques, innovations and insights to draw the best potential from the natural resources that are available.

Social model

We want to build a fairer society model that will free people from many constraints that limit their personal development, their achievement potential and will allow to develop healthy relationships with others.

Waste and polllution

We switch our perspective about pollution to maximize the reduction of our waste production and the reusing of existing waste as a prime material.


We will create a high quality free education center for children in this remote area, which will first focus on human and child development.

Organic agriculture

We  work on farming organic in order to feed the community, show a working example and share the knowledge we will have gathered.

Short alimentary circuit of distribution

We work on initiating the development of a short distribution circuit to allow producers to recover the control of the value of their products.


We want to induce a change in local climate and biodiversity by creating a dense forest that will help balancing humidity and weather natural regulation.

Network building

We want to create a network gathering all actors working in our same axes to allow resource gathering, knowledge spreading and coordinate actions.

Want to help us ?

You are the ones who make us going forward!

Such a project is before all moved by the people that will join it. The global vision has been set but is only a blank page that needs to be filled with the best possible answers.

Therefore every individual from all the imaginable experiences is welcome to join and participate to the brainstorm and the work. To reach good answers we need to share what different experiences, cultures, ideas and qualities can bring together. This incredible mix in a constructive atmosphere will be the trigger that will lift the project and its purpose toward better answers, realisations and greater impact in the world.

We need you to help us achieve our goals. Today’s objectives are anything but unmovable, and can be updated by any new contribution that will help us to move forward.

Thank you !
All the accomplishments we have been able to reach until now wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing help of volunteers coming from all over the world and help from organizations and institutions. We will never say it enough : thank you all!

Be a volunteer !

Making change happen

Join us as a volunteer, a team member or a contributor, and we will work together to fulfil our objectives and build a model of a better society!

Share your ressources
Share your time and/or expertise
Some quotes of our volunteer book

“It was great to learn about this project and to be able to have been part of it. Seeing so many people work on something like this is truly inspiring and makes me believe in a prosperous futur.”

John, United States

“The longer I’ve stayed here the harder it actually is to leave this place. Keep going with this great project and I’m looking forward to return to this place someday in the future! “

Maria, Spain

Thank you for your incredible stay. It has been absolutely life changing, to be given an insight into what you want this place to become is an experience that we will never forget.

Even, Ireland

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